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December 10, 2006
Epic 2.0! (submitted by Jenarie at 11:27pm CST)

Congratulations Bofurry on Test Server's first Epic 2.0!
June 13, 2006
Primal Epics (submitted by Rexlar at 12:47pm CDT)

Primal Brood and Friends have completed 62 1.5 Epics to date. Awesome work!! People are hard at work getting their Epic 2.0 fights lined up and we will be knocking them off in the future

Unbelievable teamwork, support and hard work have led to more Epic 1.5 on Primal Brood raids than the rest of the server combined. I can't wait until the Epic 2.0s start rolling in.

Congratulations again

Completed Epics
Beastlord -- Kritaaba, Lothoec, Simmitar, Tarsq, Wyxx
Berserker -- Maclaren
Monk -- Arnzee, Gorah, Noslua, Ryda
Rogue -- Gommez, Fitzpatrick
Ranger -- Breth, Catmar, Clearsight, Goladen, Hairbull, Kekeli, Reebwen, Tadenea
Bard --
Warrior -- Brutul, Darkcicle, Telmar
Shadow Knight - Drathmar, Gilgameth, Kaelrya, Loranas, Shadoh, Syfon
Paladin - Bodden, Falconis, Iueara, Siocnarf
Cleric -- Dielika, Madreada, Maladarzz, Mersy, Mysterria, Solarx, Tavari
Druid -- Aanludar, Bigd, Ladonna, Wallo
Shaman -- Ageran, Claudette, Earldamann, Longom, Shaymus
Enchanter -- Marque, Sellik, Malarkey
Necromancer -- Bofurry, Dinomight
Magician -- Aeudayr, Benzarden, Maston, Turlus
Wizard --Rexlar, Suol, Tide, Varreah

P.S expect that empty Bard line to have a name in it soon with the servers first Bard 1.5 Epic.

Updated - now 62 1.5 Epics
November 29, 2005
Overdue update for an even more overdue kill... (submitted by Brutul at 02:56pm CST)

Sure it's old news now, but PB finally returned to Time to finish the job after a long distraction of Time fixing and Qvic farming:

User-posted image

And while I'm doing the dragon obituaries, this one bit the dirt as well.
(picture and bandwidth shamelessly stolen from Allakhazam)

User-posted image

This one took a few tries because we didn't understand a key mechanic, but once that was worked out he went down easy enough.

Aside from that we have just been making the rounds of our usual farm mobs.
Hulcror, Feratha, Chailak, Zun`Muram Volklana, Battlemaster Rhorious, and of course Qvic and the occasional epic fight. TTFN!
September 27, 2005
Muramite Madness (submitted by Brutul at 10:53am CDT)

Since it's so easy to collect stats on this, I thought some people might be interested to see our Muramite Armor drops to date.

Muramite Helm Armor.........32
Muramite Boot Armor..........42
Muramite Bracer Armor.......59
Muramite Glove Armor.........37
Muramite Sleeve Armor.......32
TOTAL ARMOR DROPS............202

Total goats killed = 138 (give or take)

Jewel of Focus....................60
Glyph of Souls....................28

Down with goats! Viva la Qvic!
August 30, 2005
KEEP ON TRUCKIN (submitted by Admin at 10:13pm CDT)

User-posted image

The new PB DKP Site is online!

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